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We are an independent monthly magazine established in 1991,
serving the islands of Mull, Iona, Ulva and the surrounding area.
Round & About is compiled and printed on the Isle of Mull.
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Photo Competition 2016

win a cash prize of £50!
Competition for a photo suitable for our front cover.
Photos MUST be submitted electronically, size A4 at 300 dpi, in order to qualify. They should be portrait format and must have been taken in Mull, Iona or surrounding islands at some point since September 2015. Please give date and place with your entry. Maximum 3 entries per person.
Remember also to allow for our headers and footers at the top and bottom of the photo.
Send to R&A email address with ‘Photo competition’ in the subject line.
Closing date 9th September 2016.
Awarding of the £50 prize will be at the editor’s discretion, and the winning photo will be used as a front cover of a future issue of R&A.

July issue 2016

Tiroran Forest Celebration

Those who attended the ‘Forest Celebration’ in Tiroran Forest on 4th June were all agreed that not only was it a great day, but that it signified a huge achievement on the part of South West Mull and Iona Development (SWMID). Only a few months after the purchase of the forest on behalf of the local community, the place is a hive of activity. Felling is well underway (undertaken by UPM Tilhill), which will bring in some much-needed income to the area. As regular readers will be aware, this year Mull Eagle Watch has one of its sites here, and all moneys from visitors to the Eagle Hides feed directly into the community companies, thus helping to fund other projects.
SWMID itself has not remained idle, and Forest Officer John Clare has already hosted several groups of volunteers, mainly through Tavool House Outdoor Centre nearby. The ruined township of Knockroy has been made accessible, large areas have been cleared of rhododendron and a ‘Forest School’ has been set up close to the Eagle Hide... more in the full issue

Photo: One of the ‘Giants in the Forest’ – part of a project by Vision Mechanics of Edinburgh.

Iona Shelter

Friday 10th June saw the official opening of ‘Fasgadh’, the new shelter on Iona, in the spot previously occupied by the old Fire Station. This project was led by the island’s landowner, the National Trust for Scotland (NTS), with additional funding from various bodies including Argyll & Bute Council and Scottish Natural Heritage. Ms Jillian Carrick, Deputy Chairman of NTS’ Board of Trustees, explained that contrary to popular belief the building is not a CalMac ferry waiting room. CalMac has had no financial input into the structure, and its main purpose is apparently to promote the work of NTS on Iona. However NTS staff were keen to reassure the public that it can also be used while waiting for the ferry.... more in the full issue

Photo: Youngsters from Oban High School bring music to the Shelter
Photo © NTS

HWDT Celebration Event

The whale and dolphin trust held a celebration event at the Aros Hall on Friday 3rd June. The event marked the relaunch following generous funding from lotteries and the coastal communities fund.
It's hard to believe that between 1903 and 1951 many thousands of whales were hunted from five whaling stations based around Scotland. How easy it is to hunt a species to near extinction. The trust perform a vital role in conservation to protect our marine life for future generations..... more in the full issue