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We are an independent monthly magazine established in 1991,
serving the islands of Mull, Iona, Ulva and the surrounding area.
Round & About is compiled and printed on the Isle of Mull.
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November issue 2016

MacCrone wins 47th Mull Rally

Twelve months after being involved in the terrible crash which claimed the life of his close friend and co-driver, Andy Mort, John MacCrone claimed an emotional win in the Beatson’s Mull Rally.
The Dervaig driver, piloting his Ford Fiesta R5, and reunited with co-driver Stuart Loudon, with whom he took victory in 2013, won a thrilling battle with his old rival, nine-time winner Calum Duffy.
The pair were separated by just 18 seconds as they entered the final 15-mile test at Glen Aros/Calgary Bay, in the pitch black of the Inner Hebridean island, at 1.24am.
As the two drivers strived to shave every second they could off their time, it was Duffy who topped the timesheet, stopping the clock in 13mins 16secs... more in the full issue

MacCrone in action Photo © LindsayPhotoSport

High School Musical

The Mull community was superbly entertained mid-September by a performance of “We will Rock You”, the musical by Queen and Ben Elton, from pupils of Tobermory High School.
The musical is set in the future, where on Planet Mall all young people wear the same clothes, watch the same movies and so on – there is even a ban on musical instruments and everyone is obliged to download tunes generated by Company Computers.
However, it is thought by the rebel Bohemians, who live below the gleaming cities, that somewhere on Mall instruments still exist. They hope that the character Galileo can be their hero, rescue them from their mundane lives and bring back living rock before he is captured by the Killer Queen.
The staging of a well-known West End musical in the Aros Hall must have raised many challenges for those involved but all rose to the challenge – pupils of a wide range of ages, director Ryan Lowe, musical director Julien-Pierre McKenzie and his all-pupil band, the whole production team composed of pupils, staff and helpers from outwith the school ... more in the full issue

Photo by AJ Macleod

Ceumnachd Sabhal Mòr Ostaig

Bha an Ros Muileach air a dheagh riochdachadh aig ceumnachd Sabhal Mòr Ostaig am bliadhna. Cheumnaich Sìne Brunton le BA (Barraichte) ann an Cànan is Cultar na Gàidhlig, agus fhuair Eleanor NicDhùghaill a-mach PhD. Tha an dithis a’ fuireach anns an Ros – Sìne ann am Fionnphort, agus Eleanor aig Deargphort – agus lean iad na sgrùdaidhean aca pàirt-ùine. Tha ùidh shònraichte aig Sìne ann an ainmean-àite, agus b’ ann tron chuspair a thàinig i do Ghàidhlig an toiseach. Anns a’ bhliadhna mu dheireadh den chùrsa aice, rinn i pròiseact air ainmean taighean Fhionnphort. B’ e peantaidhean den Ghàidhealtachd bhon darna leth den naoidheamh linn deug an cuspair aig Eleanor. Bha i a’ rannsachadh nan dòighean tron deach na Gàidheil a riochdachadh anns na dealbhan sin, agus thadhail i air grunn de ghailearaidhean ann an Alba gus fiosrachadh a chruinneachadh airson an tràchdais aice.... more in the full issue

Photo by John Wagstaff