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We are an independent monthly magazine established in 1991,
serving the islands of Mull, Iona, Ulva and the surrounding area.
Round & About is compiled and printed on the Isle of Mull.
Deadline for submissions, advertising etc - usually 19th of the previous month.
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May issue 2018

The Bunessan Easter Runs

The bright daffodil-yellow t-shirts sported by the children of Mull Athletic Club/Salen Runners were very much in keeping with the glorious sunshine enjoyed by the runners and spectators alike at the Bunessan Easter Runs on Sunday 1st April. The weather having played its part, the only disappointment was the lack of participants in the adult races. Fortunately, the children’s race was well supported especially with the inclusion of the aforementioned Salen Runners... more in the full issue

Photo: The junior race gets off to a good start

Rare Black Seal returns to Wild

By Moira Kerr
A rare black seal who was at death's door when he was discovered on a remote Mull beach has been nursed back to health. Named Bagheera, after the black panther in Disney's Jungle Book, the Atlantic grey seal was just a third of his normal weight when he was found.
Bagheera may not have had a fairytale start in life but his story had a happy ending when he was successfully released back to the wild at the end of March.The black beauty spent the last four months recuperating, in the care of the SSPCA's National Wildlife Rescue Centre team, at Fishcross, Alloa... more in the full issue

Photo by Dave Sexton - Bagheera on the day he was found

Hungry Otters and Others

“Little darling, it’s been a long, cold, lonely winter …”
George Harrison’s great Beatles song, might just have been hummed by Mull’s otters over the past few months.
In my Tobermory garden, mid April, deer are still destroying my tulips, pruning my shrubs and pulling up anything I plant. It drives me crazy. That special rose: last year it bloomed right through the winter. Decimated. Right outside my front door.
Others across Mull have even worse tales to tell. They worked hard to give their free-range chickens and ducks a good quality of life. But master burglar otters stole a chicken from her laying box; duck from polytunnels; almost wiped out one free-range chicken flock... more in the full issue