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Welcome to Round & About

We are an independent monthly magazine established in 1991,
serving the islands of Mull, Iona, Ulva and the surrounding area.
Round & About is compiled and printed on the Isle of Mull.
Deadline for submissions, advertising etc - usually 19th of the previous month.
Date of issue normally the last day of the preceding month.
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December issue 2018

West Over Sea: Four Snapshots

Let’s hope that the inaugural Tobermory Book Festival will be the first of many. Duncan Swinbanks, Hugh Raven and Hugh Andrew brought us a varied and entertaining programme. If you were interested in whisky or salmon, adventures or poetry, there was an event for you. There was food and song; questions were asked; there was discussion; tales were told; writers and books were celebrated.
And there was the unexpected. Historian David Caldwell chose not to narrate stories from Mull’s past, but instead asked us to consider who writes the history of Mull and where do we find evidence which supports or disputes written accounts. History is an exercise in the evolution of theories; the historian’s job is to ask intelligent questions and seek evidence for enlightening answers. “If you don’t look for it, you won’t find it,” he declared ... more in the full issue

Parking Charges

News of proposals for what appear to be excessively high parking charges in car parks in Tobermory, Craignure and Fionnphort reached us too late for inclusion in the November issue. However, the jungle drums were beaten, and Mull & Iona residents were not slow in coming forward to register their objections before the deadline of 16th November.
In addition, Brian Swinbanks of the Tobermory Harbour Association and Moray Finch of MICT were instrumental in organising a public meeting in Craignure on 9th November, at which most of the relevant Councillors were present - but sadly no Argyll & Bute Council employees.
Around 150 members of the public attended in order to express their views to Councillors Roddy McCuish, Jim Lynch, Mary Jean Devon and Elaine Robertson (Chair of our Area Committee). The weather prevented Iona residents from attending, but a consultation with members of the Iona Community Council was held by telephone prior to the meeting ... more in the full issue

Ferry Committee News

Craignure Pier
November 1st saw the unveiling of the outline ideas for the new pier in Craignure as part of the STAG review (Strategic Transport Appraisal Guidance) which was commissioned as the existing pier is reaching the end of its design life and requires significant repair work to keep it fit for purpose. Over 70 people came and although the presentation boards had a lot of information on them, everyone did get to see the 4 possible locations for the new pier and provide feedback.
At the Stakeholder meeting on the 2nd November the consultants made clear that these suggested plans catered for the maximum requirements in terms of marshalling, terminal building, community space etc. leaving scope for the size of the final development to be scaled down. At this stage the priority must be to try and ascertain where might be the best location to allow the operator (currently Calmac) to deliver the most reliable service on our lifeline route. Calmac has fed information directly in to the STAG, and we, the Ferry Committee, have also now been through the outline plans with Calmac to understand their preferences.
The STAG review also acknowledged the islanders’ view that smaller, more regular boats was preferable to fewer larger boats ... more in the full issue