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Welcome to Round & About

We are an independent monthly magazine established in 1991,
serving the islands of Mull, Iona, Ulva and the surrounding area.
Round & About is compiled and printed on the Isle of Mull.
Deadline for submissions, advertising etc - usually 19th of the previous month.
Date of issue normally the last day of the preceding month.
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June issue 2019

One very special day in Dervaig

May 2nd saw Dervaig hosting a celebration of much of the wonderful community work happening across the islands. Our MSP Michael Russell and his wife, Cathleen were very welcome guests and spent the afternoon and evening in the village. Highlights of the day included a visit to the Community Orchard where the older school children were involved in a Forest School’s activity and volunteers worked putting the final touches to the tool shed. It was just the right time of year to visit the orchard as many of the 150 fruit trees and bushes were in blossom; the flowers literally buzzing with bees and butterflies.
A quick walk back to the village hall in time to see the younger schoolchildren enjoying a reading session in the newly established library. The children talked about their books with Michael who, in the absence of any chairs, sat on the floor with them. The library volunteers are very grateful to Michael as he donated a large portion of his own library to the collection... more in the full issue

Photos by Carolyne Charrington and (centre) by Kirsten Bennett

Isle of Mull Triathlon

This year’s Isle of Mull Triathlon, on Sunday 12 May, was held in near-perfect conditions, in marked contrast to the previous edition, back in October 2017. Although the field wasn’t huge, with 20 entrants, including 3 teams, the ambience and the enthusiasm of the participants was a joy to experience.
The competitors started the swim leg in waves of 4, completing 24 lengths (400 metres) of the Isle of Mull swimming pool before jumping on their bikes and riding the advertised 10 miles to Fishnish Bay and back. Once back at the transition area in the swimming pool car park the final leg was a 5K run, covering two laps of a circuit around Java... more in the full issue

Photo: The Winners, courtesy of Ian Wright

Fire at Macgochans

By Moira Kerr
Flames ripped through the roof of an award winning island bar and restaurant when a blaze broke out in the early hours of Friday 24th May. The alarm was raised after Mull fisherman Alasdair MacLean saw smoke pouring out of Macgochans, a popular pub in Tobermory, at 4.30am. Mr MacLean, who was last week awarded the title Shellfish Fisherman of the Year, was on his way to his boat, at the harbour pontoons, when he heard the pub's fire alarm.
Flames filled the Tobermory skyline as local firefighting volunteers bravely tackled the blaze and managed to stop it spreading to adjacent buildings at the harbour ... more in the full issue