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We are an independent monthly magazine established in 1991,
serving the islands of Mull, Iona, Ulva and the surrounding area.
Round & About is compiled and printed on the Isle of Mull.
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July issue 2019

Mull Cyclo-Sportive 2019

Despite some truly horrendous weather, this year’s sportive was enjoyed by (almost) all who took part! The riders had lots of challenges in their way – the first was just to make it to the island. The ferry cancellations we had through the week led to a large number of the 400+ entrants not making it to the start line.
What is ordinarily a very challenging course was made even more arduous by the torrential rain. At times, when the clouds came down and the heavens opened, it was difficult to see more than 20 yards ahead – but despite it all, almost everyone made it to the end. The first finishers even came very close to records that were set in fine calm conditions... more in the full issue

Photo by Ewan Baxter

Parking Charges to Go Ahead in the Face of Islanders' Opposition

By Moira Kerr
Controversial proposals to charge £9 a day at lifeline ferry car parks serving Mull and Iona have been approved by councillors by four votes to three.
However, a delegation of islanders who travelled to Oban for Argyll and Bute Council's June area committee meeting were banned from addressing councillors before the vote.
Shiona Ruhemann, Convenor of Iona Community Council, who got up at 5am to catch two ferries to get to the morning meeting, said afterwards that there had been no proper consultation and a lack of representation of all the objections in the council agenda papers.
She said: "They were suggesting the traffic orders came from a community demand, but there was massive opposition to this and we were gagged, we weren't allowed to speak.Traffic is going to become chaotic as a result of this."
Independent Mull Councillor Mary-Jean Devon, putting forward an unsuccessful amendment against the motion because the move could cause long term damage to the islands said: "This Traffic Regulation Order has had hundreds of objections, my inbox has had over 400 emails about this, this has been in national newspapers and on televison, the community is speaking loud and clear and we have had not one letter of support for this." ... more in the full issue

Photo by Moira Kerr

Woollen Woods in Tiroran Forest

An opening celebration for Tiroran Woollen Woods was held in the community forest on Sunday the 19th May. This event was part of the Get Creative Festival which is an annual UK wide event encouraging people to get involved in community arts.
Various community activities were held during the well-attended day. Tobermory librarian, Yvonne, told stories and held Book Bug sessions under the giant fungi made especially for the occasion. Andi from Comar took several children off to the woods for drama sessions. Nadine from Green Fox Wildcrafts demonstrated green wood carving and had a stunning display of wooden spoons, bowls, and woodcrafts. Drop in workshops were provided, willow weaving with Alex from Isle of Mull Baskets and Felting with Monica from Ardalanish Isle of Mull Weavers. Others just relaxed in a giant hammock made from beach found fishing net. Philip the Tiroran forester took several people off tree planting, whilst Emily from the Ranger Service had everyone doing a quiz in the Woollen Woods. The day ended with the Ross of Mull Singers entertaining us amongst the woolly flowers ... more in the full issue

Photo by Charley Streather